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Why is bridal makeup more expensive?

Your wedding day is one of the most special days of your life and hopefully one that you will treasure forever. A big day that takes up so much planning and organisation. Most brides essentials are her dress, the venue, her makeup and her photographs, but why is it that bridal makeup costs more than say, a personal makeover? Allow me to explain…

1. Time and products Every single one of my clients are extremely important to me – without my lovely clients, I wouldn’t be able to have my own business and it’s up to me to make sure that each and every lady that has their makeup done with me not only looks amazing, but feels amazing at the end of it too. Bridal bookings, however, are a whole new kettle of fish.

This is a massive day for any bride and bridal party and everything must be absolutely perfect and exactly to the brides liking. This is why I like to spend more time with my bridal clients than I would with a client who comes to me for special occasion makeup. Why? Because we have one shot on the day to knock the socks off everybody attending that wedding with an absolutely stunning bridal look that not only looks fabulous, but stays fabulous all day.

2. Responsibility Weddings are an absolutely massive responsibility for a makeup artist. Not only are we a makeup artist on the day, but we are also a friend, a confidant and sometimes even a therapist. Who gets the brunt of the bride’s stress, tears or anguish? The makeup artist! It’s not only my job on the day to apply the makeup – I take it upon myself to reassure my brides, talk them through their fear of walking down the aisle with all eyes on them, help wipe their tears away and patch the makeup up again, and join in on their excitement and joy.

If they’re not happy with their look, I’ll stay and adjust their makeup until they are. Unhappy with their hair that’s now dropping out of it’s style and the hairdresser has gone? I’ll pin it back in. Loose threads on the dress or bridesmaids not sure how to lace the bride into her corset? I’m there!

It’s important to realise that your makeup artist, in my case anyway, becomes your rock to lean on over your wedding morning and is there to make you look and feel absolutely beautiful. I keep in touch with my bridal clients from the moment they book with me to ensure that they know I’m here, I care and that I’m as excited about their special day as they are and will do everything I can to make it perfect for them.

Professional makeup artists won’t ditch you before the day of your wedding or ‘forget’ to turn up on the day. I can’t tell you how many brides have come to me in tears after losing money to makeup artists locally (yes, I mean in Singapore) due to trials not being up to standard or makeup artists simply ‘vanishing’ once booking fees are paid. I won’t name and shame because that would be unprofessional and breach my client confidentiality, but a few would no doubt surprise you.

3. Experience and professionalism As with any business, sometimes you pay extra for a special service. A bridal makeover is an extra special service. Having had training specifically in contemporary bridal makeup in the United states, this is one area of my expertise and one area that I have worked hard in perfecting. I still constantly pour time into training to make sure that I’m up to date and moving with the times. I take pride and care in my work, and I am recognised for the work that I do not only locally, but globally, after slowly building my reputation over six years of hard work.

Having an experienced makeup artist there on your wedding morning as opposed to a newly qualified artist who doesn’t really know the routine yet can make or break your wedding day. Just like any normal person, your makeup artist can crumble under the pressure and stress of the day, so choose your bridal artist wisely and you’ll reap the rewards with beautiful makeup that lasts the day and maybe even a new friend at the end of it.

4. Travel and luxury Working in a busy room full of girls getting ready, excitable children running around and a heck of a lot of distractions is not easy. Add to that the bad lighting that might be in the room, the lack of space to set out our tools and the tiny stool we’re having to kneel in front of to complete your makeup and you can understand how much of a hard task it can be for us to get it just right. But we won’t complain – this is your day and we’re here to help make it perfect so we’ll do all we can to ensure that happens as smoothly as possible.

Sometimes I might have a bride and bridal party who need to be ready for 11am and live a good 40 mins from where i live. This can mean me getting up at 4am to get ready, pack the car and travel down to arrive at the bride’s house in good time to apply hers and her bridal parties makeup ready for the wedding ceremony. Sometimes I can be working 5-6 hours straight with no time in between to grab a quick drink or catch my breath.

Wedding makeup is full on, takes time and effort, concentration and precision. Brides put so much effort into their big day, so why shouldn’t I? It’s my job to uphold my part of the bargain and have my brides and bridal parties looking cover-girl stunning whatever the cost.

5. Personal time

I have missed family reunions, holidays, even wakes and funerals not to let down a bride. We give up almost most of our weekends to provide you services to make your day FABULOUS. We do it happily because we LOVE what we do…but still we have to price accordingly, and I’m happy to be part of an industry, part of a group of professionals who care, truly care for their brides.

6. Other factors As freelance makeup artist’s we set our prices to reflect many things including to account for time spent with you. The amount of time spent with emails, telephone calls, texting, and face-to-face meetings. Keeping our products and kits cleaned and well stocked. All of these take time out of our working day and need to be factored into the cost. We must cover all the expenses associated with being self-employed. There are Insurance costs, products costs, advertising costs, website update costs; and we have to pay taxes too just like everyone else.

This is how we make our living to pay for rent, food, electricity, etc. This is our ‘business’. This isn’t a hobby.

Its funny how some brides will spend more on their shoes that will never be seen under their dress but will squawk over spending on their hair and makeup that will be seen in EVERY photo.

Anything, A N Y T H I N G in this world that is in high demand and requires skill and comes with years of experience and a high degree of integrity and professionalism will cost money.

If you find a makeup artist that is in high demand, you can usually expect her rates to reflect this.

What do you really get when you hire a professional makeup artist? You get to have a good night’s sleep before the most important day of your life.

And you can’t put a dollar amount on THAT!!

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