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Things to take note of before a makeover with MakeupByRoxx

- If you have made a booking for hairdo, please make sure not to wash your hair on that day itself.

It would be best to wash your hair the day before, then blow-dry it straight.

Do take note that if your hair is very curly & MakeupByRoxx has to straighten it out before doing another hairstyle, then it would be considered as 2 hairstyling instead of 1, and therefore you will be charged accordingly. In this case, it would be best to blowdry your hair dry or straighten it before meeting MakeupByRoxx.

- If there are other additional services needed by others at the time of the booking, there will be additional charges starting at $10 per service. Services include; adjusting any makeup not done by Roxanne, adding on false eyelashes, adjusting hair etc. Please check with Roxanne beforehand, how much each additional service or "help" will cost.

- Make sure to provide MakeupByRoxx with ample table space, or if not bed space.

If a bed is being used, please provide a towel (old preferred) so as not to dirty the bedsheets.

- Provide MakeupByRoxx a well lit room so as to make sure she has sufficient lighting to work under. White light would be preferred as yellow/orange lightings are very hard to work under & could mess up your foundation shades.

- Have a chair with a high back-rest for you to sit on comfortably. Either a dining table chair or a computer chair would be good. Roxanne will need you to rest your head back on the chair in order to provide a full flawless finish neatly. It would also be good if you could standby 2 pillows for use for you to lean back on which Roxanne will be assisting you with.

- It would be best to have an air conditioned room set up for your makeup appointment.

-MakeupByRoxx would also ask that you provide a room where there will be no interefences or disturbances of any sorts from kids, pets or family members. If there is tight space, that is okay, but please inform beforehand that there might be others coming in and out. These kinda disturbances can cause a hindrance to the makeup process and MakeupByRoxx wants to make sure that we do an exceptional work both at the job and making you feel comfortable.

- If you do have contact lenses to put on, it would be best to have them on before Roxanne arrives at your place.

- MakeupByRoxx recommends that you have your moisturizer on before she arrives at your place as well. If you have dry skin, make sure to apply a good amount, and for oily skin, apply just a little.

- It would be good to have some inspiration pictures of hairdo and makeup that you would like to have done on that day.

- Timing is very important to MakeupByRoxx so make sure to be ready to start once Roxanne is there. We take timings very seriously & if you do delay us, we may not be able to finish our job. Roxanne will leave at the given timing if she has another booking after you as we cannot allow another person to be late because of your tardiness.

- It would be best to have every single thing needed in the room that you're gettin ready with Roxanne in. Such as outfit, flowers etc. Do prepare beforehand.

Lastly, MakeupByRoxx is taking every step possible to make sure that you have the best possible pampering makeover session with us and we would appreciate if we are treated the same way that we treat you to make this a pleasurable experience for the both of us.

Thank you & we look forward to meeting you & giving you the best experience of your life on your big day!

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