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Terms & Conditions


Welcome to website terms and conditions.

Please take the time to read through carefully.


By using this website you agree to be bound by the terms and conditions set out below. If you have any queries relating to these terms and conditions, please leave us a note here. From time to time, changes may be made to these terms without notice to you.


MakeupByRoxx respects your privacy at all times. 


COVID-19 Terms and conditions

Cancellation of events - Strictly no refunds and deposit will be forfeited.

Date Change - We are happy to assist with any date changes for existing bookings, however, we expect our clients to discuss dates with us before confirming any changes. There will be no date change fees for any matters covid-19 related.

In the event MakeupByRoxx is unable to accomodate a date change after discussion of dates, only then your credits will be held and can  be used for other occasions in the future. 

In the event that the client fails to discuss dates with us first before confirming the changes, the deposit will be forfeited and no refund will be offered.

How we calculate deposits

Deposits are usually 50% of the services booked with us. 

If you have more than 1 event booked with us, and have made a payment of 50% for deposit for the overall booking, your deposit will still be counted as 2 bookings. depending on the events and services booked for each booking.

Cancellation of services

Once a booking is confirmed with a deposit, we do not allow for cancellations of additional services. If in case a cancellation is needed, your total balance will still remain the same and no amount will be minused off. The balance payment will remain the same.

Payment Options

MakeupByRoxx bookings are only confirmed after a deposit is placed. After which, Receipts can be sent to your desired email address once processed or to a desired billing address. All balance payments are to be paid to Roxanne on the day of booking itself in full cash or direct bank transfer on the spot once appointment is complete, and before Roxanne leaves.


Failure to do so will result in additional charges for delay:

within 24 hours delay after appointment (not paid on the spot) - Additional $15

within 36 hours delay after appointment - Additional $30

within 48 hours delay after appointment - $50


Anything more than a 48 hours delay will escalate to a police report. No chances will be given, and no excuses will be taken into consideration.



A Deposit for any service by MakeupByRoxx is non-refundable and is required when a booking is made. Until we receive that deposit, the date is still available for someone else to book. Once deposit is paid, your date and time is locked in and cannot be changed.


Non-refundable Deposits

This means MakeupByRoxx will not able to refund your deposits once it is paid and booking locked. This also means we cannot change your booking.


However, we do understand a death in the immediate family of the Bride or Groom could arise without notice. We are then able to hold your deposit and with as much notice you can give us as possible to transfer your appointment to another date, provided we are not booked out, but will try our absolute best to accommodate you. We will need proof in paper for the death.


False Information

Any event in which a bride is present such as ceremony, reception, engagement party, henna night, garba, etc. is considered a bridal event, but brides may choose which package better suits their needs. 

MakeupByRoxx has a zero-tolerance policy for brides or others giving us false information.


We do not allow for brides or 21st birthday girls to choose a personal makeover package to be used on their wedding day or on the day that their celebrating their birthdays.

We then reserve the right to cancel your booking without a warning should we find out that we have been given false information. No refunds will be issued in this case.


Rental Items

Do note that MakeupByRoxx will collect a deposit for all items that are out for rental. This amount will be refunded to you once the rental items have been returned in original condition. MakeupByRoxx will take a photo of the rental items in front of you before handing them over to you as proof of condition of items. Any damage in items will either need to be fixed by you and returned to me or there will be a deduction or forfeit in deposited amount based on severity of problem of rental items. Rental items should be returned to me within 2 days after your event. Delay in return will result in additional charge of $10 on 3rd day, $25 for 4th day. $50 for 5th day.



Price List

MakeupByRoxx may update their price list without notice to you. However, if you already have a booking, these prices will not affect you, including weddings that have been pre-booked and deposits paid with the old price list.


Sensitive Skin/Allergy

MakeupByRoxx should be informed beforehand if you have sensitive skin or tend to get allergic reactions from any makeup or beauty products. In this case, MakeupByRoxx may suggest that it would be best to use the products that you currently use on yourself and have deemed it fit to do the job for you. It would be best not to engage a MUA if this is a serious issue for you. MakeupByRoxx shall not be held accountable should you face any reactions.


"MakeupByRoxx - A passionate Makeup Artist transforming you into the best version of yourself on your special day or occasion. Founded by Roxanne who has been beautifying lives for over 5years, using her own leading Makeup Brand – Roxxmetics. Let her bring your vision to life."


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