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You can evaluate your capabilities as follows. If you easily pay 32,000 rubles a month for renting an apartment, you can take out a mortgage at a rate of 8.5% in the amount of 3,500,000 rubles. If you have savings of 1,500,000 rubles, you can easily add up the two amounts and consider your options for buying an apartment

Let's take an example. In 2018, rental rates began to rise, while the mortgage rate began to decline. This resulted in the following:

- the growth of the rent forced people to become interested in mortgages;

- the mortgage attracted new buyers;

– demand of buyers “dispersed” the prices.

Let me demonstrate this in calculations 2.

If in 2017 a one-room apartment in Moscow cost 3,700,000 rubles, at a rate of 10.5% and an initial payment of 700,000 rubles, the monthly payment amounted to about 32,200 rubles. An approximate overpayment of interest on a mortgage for 15 years of payment would be 2,800,000 rubles. This is an important fact. This means that the final cost of the apartment would be as follows: 3.700.000 + 2.800.000 = 6.500.000 rubles. Taking into account the investment in the renovation of the apartment, the final cost would be higher - 7,000,000 rubles.



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