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In the Sovereign casino, a young man named Sergey worked with Arkady. The players nicknamed him Lesbian. Outwardly, he looked exactly like the soloist of the “Na-Na” group that “thundered” throughout the country. At one of the parties that the British were very fond of organizing, Sergey talked a lot and persistently in broken English with Sharon, an Englishwoman who came at Michael's invitation to work as a manager

Sharon personified the idea of English women in the truest sense of the word: rather tall, broad-boned, red-haired, freckled, she was strikingly different from the miniature Caucasian Linda. She drank alcohol for two and was not afraid to mix different drinks. Sharon did not speak Russian at all.

But somehow it was at her table that Sergei ended up.

The most interesting part of any party starts towards the end. In the beginning, people behave decently: they talk, drink and eat. But the further, the more interesting and scary. Alcohol is consumed more and more, and it becomes noticeable that "interest circles" are slowly forming. Someone with someone begins to dance often and erotically, someone goes to a darker corner of the room.


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